Wednesday, October 24, 2007

J's Open Ideas index

This post is an index with a one-line description of the projects I'm considering working on. Read how this blog works for more general information.

3) Effect of sequence level mutations on transcription, translation, and noise
Description: A technique I think would allow us to determine the effect of millions of promoter variants on the rate of transcription and translation in single-cells.
Date idea was blogged: September 1, 2007

2) Mutations, gene passing, and the evolution of gut microbes
Description: Can we use gnotobiotic mice to obtain experimental estimates of mutation rates and gene transfer rates in different intestinal environments (e.g. under different stresses and with different combinations of microbes).
Date idea was blogged: June 26, 2007

1) Live imaging of host-microbe interactions
Description: Can we apply the deep-imaging 2-photon microscopy techniques, which have been developed over the past few years for imaging neuronal systems, to the imaging of the special distribution and interactions between different gut microbes and their host.
Date idea was blogged:
June 12, 2007

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Jean-Claude Bradley said...

Great idea! I hope you get some good feedback.